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THE KINGDOM OF RUIN: A first trailer available!

Wizard on the small screen! The official website of THE KINGDOM OF RUIN series, adapted from Yoruhashi’s eponymous manga, recently uploaded its first promotional video. It was also announced that the series would be released in October 2023. We remain attentive! Synopsis of THE KINGDOM OF RUIN: For centuries, Humans and Witches have lived side

Season 2 of Re: Zero in simulcast on Crunchyroll

The bad news of the postponement of season 2 of Re: Zero in July was partly offset by Crunchyroll with a more encouraging news: indeed, after having proposed season 1 in 2016 and its Re-edit version at the beginning of year, the platform will indeed broadcast, very logically, this second season in a vostf simulcast!

Sword Art Online Review (Arc 1 & 2)

Synopsis The story happens in the 2022s. Kirito a hardcore gamer who finds himself immersed in the game Sword Art Online which is a MMORPG. After a brief initiation of a noob he will realize that he will remain stuck with 10,000 other players until one of them kills all the bosses of the game.

Movie : One Piece Gold

Twelfth film from the mythical world of maestro Oda, One Piece Gold takes the path initiated by the very good “Strong World” and the explosive “Z”. In short, be a faithful entertainment the original work but above all a quality adventure for our dear crew of straw hat. A rather difficult task given the particular

Gem Review : Mushishi (2005)

Let’s discover the Mushis, living creatures born from the shadows, which are at the very base of existence and visible by a limited number of humans. These creatures can take various forms and evolve alongside human beings with very different aspirations. Ginko is one of the people who can interact with them and who studies

Gem : Attack On Titan Review

Each year has its share of successful series, that of Shingeki no Kyojin in 2013 is of a larger scale and a rarer occurrence. The aberrant proliferation of cosplay is a first warning, the output of shoveled products a definite omen (several video games, a live-action movie, a prequel, and even a 4-koma manga). Definite