THE KINGDOM OF RUIN: A first trailer available!

Wizard on the small screen! The official website of THE KINGDOM OF RUIN series, adapted from Yoruhashi’s eponymous manga, recently uploaded its first promotional video. It was also announced that the series would be released in October 2023. We remain attentive!

Synopsis of THE KINGDOM OF RUIN: For centuries, Humans and Witches have lived side by side, the former relying on the powers of the latter while fearing them. But when technology slowly replaces magic, the Humans decide it’s time to put an end to the Witches and launch a vast Hunt to eliminate them. Formerly, Adonis was the apprentice of Chloe Morgan, the famous Ice Witch. Imprisoned after the death of his mentor, the young man endured everything for 10 long years. But now, he is free and has every intention of taking revenge.

THE KINGDOM OF RUIN official website:

THE KINGDOM OF RUIN Twitter account:



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