The anime Levius is available on Netflix

It is the 28th November that the anime Levius, the adaptation of the eponymous manga of Haruhisa Nakata, arrives on Netflix! Produced in 3D CGI by the Polygon studio, the series has 12 episodes of around 25 minutes each. We find Keisuke Ide in directing, Hiroshi Seko in script, Yuki Moriyama in character design, Yûki

7 SEEDS: Survival restart in 2020 on Netflix!

Why stop now while everything is going so well ? The official website of 7 SEEDS announced this week the production of a season 2 for Netflix, broadcasting in passing its first promotional video. Adapted from the eponymous manga of Yumi Tamura, 7 SEEDS traces the survival of several groups of strangers in a world

B: The Beginning

In the prolific category of animate-shakers (to understand: those animated who are content to take known works, to stick them in a shaker and to mix to make a smoothie, a dirty creative habit since Code Geass), B: The Beginning Positively pulls the pin of the game by choosing its influences with as much taste

New : A.I.C.O. Incarnation

Context The story unfolds in a Japan facing a new threat, a monstrous cellular proliferation that has made part of the country uninhabitable, and we will quickly understand that local authorities find it interesting to leave it in place. A very good faith threat – even if its behavior differs little from an attack by

3D Trigoly : Godzilla : Monster Planet

The first film of a trilogy, this Godzilla anime version makes another small bet: to type in futuristic science fiction … and it’s not too bad. At the end of the twentieth century, monsters appear everywhere on Earth and humanity has a little trouble struggling but still manages to survive. But, appears Godzilla who crushes