The Rising of The Shield Hero: Two New Seasons Are Announced

The events of Naofumi are still far from being completed on a small screen. Indeed, after the success of the first season, we learn that “The Rising of The Shield Hero” will return for a second and third season. A very good news for the fans as well as for those who do not know yet a series which frankly deserves to be discovered.

Known in Japan as Tate no yūsha no nariagari, The Rising of the Shield Hero is primarily a light novel. In the Land of the Rising Sun, this type of novel is very popular among young adults. Indeed, it is distinguished by its short paragraphs and written in the form of dialogues. Some have become so popular that they have experienced animated adaptations. Some of the most famous are Haruhi Suzumiya’s Melancholy and Sword Art Online.

The series follows the adventures of the young Naofumi Iwatani who is screened in a world close to the role play. And for good reason: like a game of heroic fantasy, he inherits weapons. Except that unlike other characters who receive offensive weapons, Naofumi simply inherits a shield to defend himself. In addition, he is left with only one teammate while the others have several. Unfortunately, his partner will betray him and strip him. Vilipended and hunted by everyone, the young man can now rely only on himself to survive in this hostile universe.



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