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New : Gambling School Review

Thriller school life around gambling and betting, Kakegurui (which means “compulsive bettor”) is a good anime. It starts well, very well during the first three-four episodes. But the games run out of steam, until a very disappointing final episode. Kakegurui tells the story of the arrival of Jabami Yumeko, a pretty and nice student at

Terror in Resonance

It’s two young men of seventeen who send on the Internet a threatening video where they announce the imminent explosion of a bomb. To prevent this, the police must answer an enigma. This is the beginning of a cross between the so-called terrorists and law enforcement, soon confronted with a third power that I would

B: The Beginning

In the prolific category of animate-shakers (to understand: those animated who are content to take known works, to stick them in a shaker and to mix to make a smoothie, a dirty creative habit since Code Geass), B: The Beginning Positively pulls the pin of the game by choosing its influences with as much taste

Gem Review : Monster (2004)

Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a Japanese neurosurgeon who works in Germany. At the boot of the director of the hospital, he complies with all the requirements in return for an insured career. He will then be confronted with a case of conscience that will upset his life forever. By prioritizing patients’ order of arrival rather