Terror in Resonance

It’s two young men of seventeen who send on the Internet a threatening video where they announce the imminent explosion of a bomb. To prevent this, the police must answer an enigma. This is the beginning of a cross between the so-called terrorists and law enforcement, soon confronted with a third power that I would say nothing to maintain the suspense.

The new animated concocted by Shinichiro Watanabe, great master of Japanese animation. Sir, I only know his work on “Ergo Proxy” and “Space Dandy”, two series that I liked. If “Terror in resonance” is successful, it is not a coincidence.

Already the animation is a marvel. Fluid in action scenes as well as in quieter moments, the animated is a feast for the eyes. The chara-design is nice but far from exceptional. Nine and Twelve do not transcend the graphic codes of the genre, but still have a strong charismatic potential. Like the anti-heroes Light Yagami (“Death Note”) and Lelouch Lamperouge (“Code Geass”), the two protagonists shine with their intelligence and ability to always be one step ahead of everyone … or almost !

With them, a mundane girl as much pace as attitude. Aggressive at first, Risa finally proves necessary, because of the freshness and doubt that she brings with the wire of the episodes.

The action is well done. The whole forms a coherent whole, solidified by intrigues related to the mystery of the origins of Nine, Twelve and Five. However, there is a little something missing for “Terror in Resonance” to rise to the level of his great compatriot “Code Geass”. The motivations of the two young boys are kept too vague for a long time.

Worse, at the end, we are surprised that it was necessary to do so much preparation for the sole purpose of … Oh and then you’ll see. All I can say without malignantly spoiler the plot is that some episodes do not seem to advance the story, while others are just mind-blowing in their denouement (the end of episode ten for example) ).


It might have been interesting, instead of successively exploiting the preparations, resolutions and denouements of the various bombs placed by Sphinge, to concentrate on a single attack, which alone would have been enough to obtain the attention necessary to spread the message. . Nevertheless, “Terror in resonance” is an animated of excellent quality, but that would be worth to be looked at in one go to better appreciate all its nuances. In addition there are only eleven episodes.



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