7 SEEDS: Survival restart in 2020 on Netflix!

Why stop now while everything is going so well ? The official website of 7 SEEDS announced this week the production of a season 2 for Netflix, broadcasting in passing its first promotional video. Adapted from the eponymous manga of Yumi Tamura, 7 SEEDS traces the survival of several groups of strangers in a world destroyed and returned to the primitive stage. Your watchlist will get longer!

Official Summary of 7 SEEDS

Anticipating the possibility that the Earth is destroyed by meteorites and reduced to the primitive stage, the Japanese government has created a project: 7Seeds. In order to ensure the survival of the human species, groups of 7 people are secretly kidnapped until the end of the disaster. The groups are named according to the four seasons. A computer is assigned to each group to determine when conditions have returned to the level of human survival, and then brings them back to life … The problem? None of the members of these groups are aware of the situation.