New : A.I.C.O. Incarnation

Source: Neflix


The story unfolds in a Japan facing a new threat, a monstrous cellular proliferation that has made part of the country uninhabitable, and we will quickly understand that local authorities find it interesting to leave it in place. A very good faith threat – even if its behavior differs little from an attack by zombies or other deadly creatures – and whose treatment recalls some recent nuclear accidents in the Tohoku region.

The series therefore has a rather serious base, which it manages to maintain until the end without falling into the decline of the fanservice and the plan pant (pink), and an ambition that must be recognized. The scenario follows in parallel a group progressing in the area, with all the challenges and anxious atmosphere that we can expect, and the maneuvers of different characters outside.

A format offering a steady pace and a real tension. The animation is correct even if the CGI are sometimes too much, and the mecha design, without being furiously original, offers some good ideas, as the science presented in this series as a whole. So much for the qualities, and they allow to spend a pleasant time if not completely satisfactory. Now, we have to talk about what hurts

In the style “heroine to take by the hand”, Aiko arises there. It will evolve over the episodes, but at first, its voluntary but silly side is difficult to bear. Especially since it is planted next to a taciturn hero perfectly caricatural. The characters are clearly not the highlight of the series, with again a good dose of caricature. They are not very memorable and will not date. But if the problems had stopped there, A.I.C.O. Incarnation could have come out honorably despite everything.

Except, no, no. Because like other series before them, this one can not assert the least revelation without raising a plethora of inconsistencies all more absurd ones than the others, to the point where it is the very base of the anime which only relies on a gigantic inconsistency. To make matters worse for an already tainted end, the writers felt compelled to add an additional threat that ultimately only adds new gaping flaws in the story.


A.I.C.O. Incarnation is a poorly written series but not badly built, and it allows it to function as a simple entertainment on the majority of its episodes. Nevertheless, it had been a long time since I had seen such inconsistencies, all the less forgivable that the worst results from a clear desire of the studio to surprise the viewer. But if I was surprised, not sure it was good. However, I can not deny the good times that I have been able to pass on, especially thanks to its threat, the zone – with the progression of the protagonists in this one – and its politico-financial aspect even if it remains lightweight.