Sword Art Online Review (Arc 1 & 2)

Synopsis The story happens in the 2022s. Kirito a hardcore gamer who finds himself immersed in the game Sword Art Online which is a MMORPG. After a brief initiation of a noob he will realize that he will remain stuck with 10,000 other players until one of them kills all the bosses of the game.

Movie : One Piece Gold

Twelfth film from the mythical world of maestro Oda, One Piece Gold takes the path initiated by the very good “Strong World” and the explosive “Z”. In short, be a faithful entertainment the original work but above all a quality adventure for our dear crew of straw hat. A rather difficult task given the particular

Retro : Samurai Champloo (2004)

As for Cowboy Bebop, Watanabe proves that he does not really know how to be content with a single universe to create revolutionary series. So after the space opera jazz, here is the road movie samurai / hip hop. In a medieval Japan of the Edo era, the Samurai are no longer really necessities for