The Hakubo movie available on Crunchyroll

It was yesterday evening that the platform Crunchyroll announced the acquisition of the animated film Hakubo! The latter is already available to subscribers and will be visible to others free of charge from next week.

It was directed by Yutaka Yamamoto, whose last project before leaving the animation industry at Twilight studio in 2019. The story takes place after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated a part from the coast on March 11, 2011, in the Tôhoku region.


In Fukushima Prefecture, Sachi Koyama is a rather reserved high school student who is actively preparing to audition for her music club as a violinist. Yusuke Kijinami, meanwhile, is an ordinary high school student who is passionate about painting landscapes. Following the earthquake disaster of 2011, the two high school students meet thanks to their common interest in twilight landscapes. The opportunity for them to discover the first emotions of love and a new joie de vivre after these events that marked their adolescence



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