The movie Demon Slayer: the train of infinity is offered a trailer

The manga Demon Slayer is a bestseller in Japan, even standing up to the eternal One Piece in terms of sales. A success that will soon earn him a video game adaptation … and also an animated feature film! As part of a virtual conference dedicated to the film, entitled The Train of Infinity, a trailer was unveiled.

Demon Slayer tells the story of a boy seeking revenge for his family massacred by a demon, while looking for a remedy for his sister who was also transformed into a demon during the attack. The film adapts the arc of the infinite train, told in volumes 7 and 8 of the original work.

Following the slowdown in activity in Japan due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the team said that the film would be late but will be released well in 2020. It is finally on October 16 that the film will arrive in Japanese theaters, a date which we hope will not change: the Japanese government declared a state of emergency this week, without however declaring total containment.