Millennium Actress cinema release in restored version

Pending its physical release and for the first time in Blu-ray next year at @Anime, the animated film Millennium Actress arrives today in cinemas in a restored 4K version .

Cult film produced in 2001 by the late Satoshi Kon, until now released in France only on DVD almost 15 years ago (so much so that this DVD is nowhere to be found in new), it is offered in a handful of rooms only, listed below in pictures.

Movie synopsis:

Chiyoko Fujiwara is a former glory of Japanese cinema. Today, 70 years old, she lives recluse at home. One day, a man comes to visit him to interview him about his past. He gives her a key, which Chiyoko had lost 30 years ago.

In front of the journalist and her cameraman she begins to tell her story. A life full of love and passion, spent looking for a strange stranger, the same one who once gave him this key by making him the promise to meet again …



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