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FREE !: The Final Stroke: An online trailer for the 2nd film!

The official website of the FREE franchise! recently uploaded a new trailer, along with a new poster, announcing the release of FREE! ‘s 2nd film: The Final Stroke. Scheduled in Japan on April 22, 2022, this conclusion, still signed by Kyoto Animation and Eisaku Kawanami in the making, will make you want to take a

AO ASHI: A new team to support!

Coming soon ! The official AO ASHI anime site recently uploaded its first visual along with a first trailer. Unveiling that the series would be released in April 2022 in Japan, the site indicated that this adaptation of the eponymous manga by Yûgo Kobayashi (available in France from Mangetsu editions) would be produced by the

Blue Lock: An anime planned for 2022!

The rumor is clarifying! Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yûsuke Nomura’s manga, BLUE LOCK will indeed be adapted into an anime. On this occasion, publisher Kodansha recently released a first promotional video and announced that the series would hit Japanese screens in 2022. We are staying attentive to the next news! Official summary of BLUE LOCK World

STAR WARS – VISION: A Trailer Calibrated for Anthology!

Towards infinity and …! Lucasfilm released the trailer for its new STAR WARS – VISIONS anthology yesterday, Tuesday August 17th. Bringing together several animated short films made by different Japanese studios, STAR WARS – VISIONS promises you new adventures with unique stories and genres. The anthology is slated for release on September 22 on Disney.

THE DEER KING: A melodious new trailer!

The official website of THE DEER KING released a new trailer last weekend revealing “One Reason”, the musical theme of the film performed by singer milet. Screened at the Annecy Festival and the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, THE DEER KING is due to hit theaters in Japan on September 10. A good start

September 8, 2021: New vampiric series with ROSEN BLOOD!

Vampirize us! A fascinating back to school with ROSEN BLOOD. Drawn and scripted by Kachiru Ishizue – mangaka already published with the series ILEGENES – ROSEN BLOOD will immerse you in the heart of a mansion filled with secrets in the middle of the Victorian era. On the program: dark fantasy, charismatic heroes and “ambiguous

Netflix: What’s new in anime?

Never too many series! In October 2020, Netflix announced a bunch of animation projects during the Anime Festival. And at the beginning of March, we can already add several titles to our List with pleasure. Here’s a quick recap for thrill-seeking latecomers! Already available: ATTACK ON THE TITANS (Season 3 Part 1) KINGDOM (Season 2)

New trailer for the new version of the SHAMAN KING anime

The start of a new anime adaptation of Shaman King (manga by Hiroyuki Takei) was announced last June. We now have a few more details on this new series called Shaman King 2021. We also got the first small preview of the series thanks to its first teaser. For the character of Yoh Asakura, it

Meruem from Hunter X Hunter lands in Jump Force game!

Bandai Namco unveiled this weekend the second character of the second character pass of the fighting game Jump Force. And it’s Meruem from Hunter X Hunter who arrives in the game’s roster! After Shoto from My Hero Academia and therefore Meruem, there will be three additional characters in this new Character Pass: a character from