First visual for the anime Moriarty

The official anime adaptation site for the manga Moriarty (Yûkoku no Moriarty) by Takeuchi Ryousuke (script) and Miyoshi Hikaru (drawings) has released its first visual.

The production of the series was entrusted to Kazuya Nomura (Joker Game…) on behalf of Production I.G. Tooru Ookubo (Sengoku Basara…) as for the design of the characters.

MORIARTY Summary: 19th century in England, the Moriarty family took in two orphans William and Louis but gave them the status of a servant. Albert, the eldest son of the family, is full of ambition and he hates the social system that governs British society, in which the upper classes strut and oppress the people without being worthy of the respect they demand of them. This is why Albert abhors his own family and sees in the two orphans the embodiment of a new breath. Albert offers them his status, his wealth and his influence on condition that the boys put their intelligence at the service of his dream: to get rid of his family and the current class system! The three boys thus plot to become the sole heirs of the family. Thirteen years later, at only 21, the eldest of orphans William James Moriarty became a professor of mathematics at the University and he could see emerging on his way a certain Sherlock Holmes …

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