THE DEER KING: A melodious new trailer!

©2021 “The Deer King”

The official website of THE DEER KING released a new trailer last weekend revealing “One Reason”, the musical theme of the film performed by singer milet. Screened at the Annecy Festival and the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, THE DEER KING is due to hit theaters in Japan on September 10. A good start to the new school year!


Van was once a valiant warrior of the Lone Antlers tribe at war with the Empire. Since his capture, he has lived as a slave in a salt mine. One night, the mine is attacked by a pack of rabid dogs carrying a devastating plague. Van flees and in the chaos, rescues a girl he decides to protect. But the mysterious disease continues to spread without Dr. Hohsalle being able to find a cure. They will be gathered around this scourge in order to unravel its mystery