Gem: Seven Deadly Sins Review

In the kingdom of Liones, the Sacred Knights, soldiers with terrifying powers in the service of the crown, betray themselves and overthrow the king. Elizabeth Liones, the third daughter of the king, manages to escape and seek help. His only hope is the company of the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of seven former Sacred Knights, who have been searching for a crime they have not committed for the last 10 years: the assassination of the General-in-Chief of the Sacred Knights. Elizabeth arrives one day in a tavern, boar’s hat, and meets the keeper, a young boy named Meliodas, and Hawk, the loquacious pig son. But surprise, the boy became the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Dragon of Wrath. Between them, they will go in search of the other six deadly Sins and try to defeat the Sacred Knights

he concept of the so-called traitors who would have overthrown the country who ultimately turn out to be nice and who will save the kingdom and the so-called kind, ie the order of the knights, who turn out to be wicked and corrupt it’s not revolutionary, but it works. Add to this that the main character has the appearance of a kid and in reality he is older. It reminds me a bit of Übel Blatt … The perverse side of Meliodas is not too boring for once, because it is done naturally and the fact that Elizabeth lets herself be added a touch of comedy. It feels good to have a female character who does not demolish the face to the male character who is supposed to be ten times stronger than it … A good point for realism. Diane is the kind of character that would have pissed me off normally with her sickly jealousy, but because of her disability (her big size) I feel sorry for her instead of wanting to fuck her one, and when c it is she who types Meliodas because of a trifle, it is credible at least. Besides, Elizabeth, too, with her passivity and naïveté that evolves in combativeness would normally be the kind of person I have trouble hanging on, and yet … she is natural. Strong point for these characters more or less secondary since their defects and their qualities are present, but not accentuated as in most other anime, which makes them very endearing, and especially less annoying.

For the rest of the characters … that’s fine. Moreover, the more we advance, the less they are annoying, since we leave a little aside defects that add comic to the anime in favor of a more dramatic plot. The suspense is always present at the end of the episodes, we really want to see more and frankly I did not bored for a moment, even during the few light moments of the episodes. The new elements scroll very quickly, hence the fact that we do not get bored, but sometimes it’s a little too fast: too much information at the same time or not enough about certain things (I have some questions outstanding).



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