Gem : Death Note (2006)

How To Use It ?
1) The person who starts the first page or the first episode of Death Note will be taken by the desire to follow it to the end after 40 seconds.

2) This criticism will only take effect if the reader has read the work in its entirety, hence the omnipresence of the Spoil headbands. As a result, people whose reading is still in progress must return once the story is finished.

3) Once a copy of Death Note falls into the hands of someone, he does not leave it.

4) Whoever wishes to make use of this notebook does not go to hell or heaven.

5) A copy of the anime Death Note has the same properties as the manga itself.

6) Even the author of Death Note does not know everything about the universe. By the way, this criticism is not exhaustive.

7) Death Note should not be read by individuals under the age of ten years minimum.

8) A Death Note volume contains 200 pages and an episode is 22 minutes long, to be sucked to the core.

9) Every person who completes Death Note should not expect to become happy.
10) Once finished, readers can never become as before.

Who would have thought that a series could one day release such a psychological impact on its audience? Who would have thought that he could give credibility to the underworld, namely that of the Kingdom of the Dead? It is at the same pace as these questions come to my mind when it comes to explaining this phenomenon, that we follow the ordinary everyday life of Light Yagami, a 17-year-old teenager, taciturn but an intellectual student. , aspiring to devote his professional life to science in the service of judicial investigations. Nothing had prepared him to carry out his projects otherwise until he found by chance, at the end of classes, the famous Death Note, thanks to which he will now designate himself as the “elected of a new world” . The lives of people whose names and faces he knows now are in his hands, he is the puppeteer, they are the puppets, and they can disappear forever at any time if they are actors of illegal activities. Finally identified by the FBI and no longer believing in the idea of ​​collective justice, the young man gradually turns into a ferocious beast, without any mercy. Charged by his own demons to spare the world to his sauce, this end will push him among others to sacrifice some of his friends to keep his discretion and not to harm his innocence. Cavalier alone (or almost since the true owner of the notebook, the god of death Ryûk, will accompany him throughout and Light is the only one who can see it), he makes the wish, like the Dorian Gray of Oscar Wilde, to eternally maintain his beautiful idea of ​​justice, which makes him a hero for half of humanity, while his alter ego, Kira, suffers the burden of his sins. Kira, between alibis and opponents, is he finally the henchman of Satan, the messiah or a victim of his evils?