The anime Born to be on air! in simulcast on Wakanim

The Wakanim platform announced today the acquisition of the broadcasting rights for the anime Born to be on air !, which will be offered in simulcast from April 3.

As a reminder, this series will adapt the eponymous manga, the latest series by Hiroaki Samura (The inhabitant of infinity), published in France by Pika. Known in Japan under the title Namiyo kiite kure, this manga has been pre-published since 2014 in the Afternoon magazine of Kôdansha, and was named to the 9th Manga Taisho Awards in 2016.

She takes us into the world of radio with a heroine who doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket.


When she’s just been dumped, Minare drowns her grief in a bar in Sapporo. She launches out in a long conversation with Mutô, a mature man, on the relations between the men and the women, mocking on the traits of characters predominant according to the areas from which these come, and their influences on their lives sentimental. Recorded without her knowledge during the evening, the young waitress discovers the following day her voice on the waves of a local radio … Mad with rage, she rushes to the station to ask for success. But, the antenna director, Mr Mutô, far from apologizing, convinced her to take the antenna and make a resounding entry into the world of radio! He is confident that her outspokenness, spontaneity and sincerity will make her a big voice on the air. Minare will have to tame the world of radio and understand it in order to become the charismatic personality that she has always dreamed of!



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