Assassination Classroom

Another original idea from the land of the rising sun. A “monster” with a dubious past finds himself at the head of a class of rubbish in a college held with an iron fist by a psychopathic headmaster. This monster, a kind of graphically confusing but successful mix between a chameleon, an octopus and a big yellow tick, must teach his students while they initially have only one goal: the murder. And to do, they are one year old. Accompanied by a limited but original and effective teaching team, the purpose of their action has another goal and not least: to prevent the earth is destroyed by the so-called yellow creature cuckold. Small detail: the beast moves to Mach 20. Yes, I understand your questions despite a certain curiosity. I had the same ones. And it is for this reason that a criticism seemed necessary to draw the emotional balance of these two seasons of Assassination Classroom.

Mr. Koro

In the center of the story, Mr. Koro, a pupil who became a teacher of Kunugigaoka’s 3E class, plans to destroy the Earth next March. While the role of students in the class will be to learn throughout the year to eliminate the hilarious teacher. But if it was just that … In truth, it’s more about painting this incredible relationship that a good teacher has with his pupils who will try to teach them what life is all about. and with all his soul. At the same time funny, touching, intelligent, he is a character of a class and an infinite accuracy that did not fail to leave me speechless, sacred Koro-sensei. On the other hand students with each their own personality developed throughout the events. Each of them is endearing in its own way and will end the year much richer inwardly than it was when entering for the first time in this room, in front of our magnificent tentacle octopus.

Immediately confusing but also very funny, the series exploits at full speed the map of the strangeness and the craziness through the escapades of this unusually physical teacher. His speed is the occasion of a good number of hilarious sequences. Yet, over the length, many questions remain about the interest of all this mainly because of a start that lack of binding. Would not a season have been enough? Whatever happens, if the first sentence a little to captivate by his story, it remains thanks to its offbeat tone. And, little by little, as the second season begins, the questions we asked ourselves, “must I go all the way”, will find answers.

There is of course the hidden purpose behind this desire to teach Professor Koro but well beyond this colorful and enticing animation and this lightness of tone that could make you think of a series of animation for late teens, Assassination Classroom presents in a way, I grant it very idealistic, what should be the profession of teacher and the willingness to teach. A deeper, more intelligent reading of a profession which is here presented as a vocation and which will surely remind some, this too rare teacher who has marked them by being more than just a mill to transmit a knowledge without humanity.

A nice lesson overall so, a little honeyed but still very uninhibited, which marry first with some awkwardness and then doing with virtuosity, action, humor and science fiction.