New: A Place Further Than The Universe Review

A Place Further Than The Universe Review

Kimari had promised to make the most of her high school life. Travel! Even to dry the courses! But at the moment of making the prime minister, she resigns herself for fear of failing in her business. The opposite of Shirase, nicknamed South Pole, out of Antarctica in search of her missing mother. In contact with Shirase, Hinata and Yuzuki, Kimari will embark on a journey that will take place to the end of the world. Thank you Madhouse. It was excellent. Four teenagers leaving for Antarctica, it seems like concept, but behind this anime realizes a double feat: makes credible the motivations of the characters, but also with their objective. This is never to make us believe that it is an easy task, and that can happen. The destination is more beautiful as the trip is long and winding. Other prowess: to create four heroines not confined to the caricature, but that we feel live, grow, and evolve before our eyes. Even their reactions – like that of Shirase against Hinata’s former friends – seem infinitely more logical and spontaneous than in the majority of series. This care given to the protagonists allows us to attach ourselves to them, whether in their joys and sorrows. Episode 12 touched me a lot, it was thought for. 80% of women, although I liked them a lot, individually.

Technically, it’s high-end for a TV series. We recognize the responsible studio, a few years ago, of the first two seasons of Chihayafuru. As the director confirms, the sets were very elaborate, based on concrete visuals, even for the parties taking place in Japan. This feels and testifies to the many efforts provided by the team on this anime. It’s beautiful. I did not know the name of the director, although she already has a very impressive career. In particular, I appreciated his work on Prince of Stride. I will therefore follow the rest of his career with interest, and look already at his previous achievements. A little complaint for the road. In the end, we do not feel the danger of Antarctica for our heroines, the same one that has cost Takako’s life. In addition, some of the constraints related to this environment have apparently only been addressed in the opening credits. But hey, I quibble. Overall, Sora yori mo Tooi Basho is a great success, while it does not look at first.